" Still grafting and producing disarmingly well-crafted paeans and minor anthems, James has honed his talent on every release." Monolith Cocktail 2014

"He also shows excellent taste in the way he's chosen to record and present his songs relying on good musicians rather than flashy production, a genuine passion for music on display throughout." R2 Martin Dowsing 2014

The songs are filled with characters, and little stories about making music, life on the road. They’re nicely done, and packed with personality, sincerity and above all, energy.  Whisperin' & Hollerin' 2016

"Everything about the unassuming and succinctly expressed music and demeanor of Ceri James is, endearingly, personal. "      Dominic Valvona GIITTV 25/11/12

"This is a delightful roughhouse of an album, that may seem like it's hit the road hard and picked up a few drinking songs along the way. Ceri James is a man that knows how to put a fine observational song together and delivers them with a deep dose of honesty....." FATEA  Neil King 2014

FATEA - This is an interesting collection of songs with something for everyone. Very enjoyable.
John Knighton

"The 5th album from Ceri James is a solid piece of work, real class in its presentation and execution. Eleven songs in all that rock, roll, and seep through your senses leaving a big smile on your face." The Rock Club

"The Squeeze-y poppy The Tree sits alongside the Clash-do-Pete-Seeger Bowery protest of Friendship And Camaraderie and there are darker folk vibes in the hypnotic harmonium-backed Young Blood Ran Cold, with chilling dissonances apt for the subject matter and an intense guitar and organ close." Plunger

R2 - "....a happy feel good record." 4/5 stars

2016 St.  Augustine's Heart Album reviews


"poignancy and genuine emotion that would be hard to fake....." Noizemakesenemies 2008

R2 Rock n Reel Nov 2009
This is an impressive second album from South East London singer-songwriter Ceri James, whose lyrics, on a personal and political level, are never less than interesting. Musically this is a beast of many styles. "It's Been Emotional" is an energetic, poppy opener that sets a playful tone for "Farewell Not Goodbye", a song that reflects on platitudes about death with an upbeat backing tune. "The Cynic" has a stripped-down sound with a distinctive ska-influenced edge , while "Hedonist Lifestyle" is all rocking and angry, with insistent retro r'n'b keyboards. It is nigh impossible to single out a best song, as there are so many contenders. "If The Ship Goes Down" slows the pace, reflecting on the bank bail out and who bails out the rest of us. "The Extremist Party" is a rollicking attack on fundamentalist views and "Win Lose And Some You Can't Tell" is a thoughtful, tender song about the pain of love gone wrong at the end of a relationship."  Diane Mason 2009